I am Musharraf Jafri

Python Developer,Machine Learning Engineer,AI Expert

Name: Syed M. Musharraf Jafri

Profile: Python Developer

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Python 90%
BeautifulSoup 75%
Selenium 75%
About me

Hi, I'm a professional python developer from Karachi, Pakistan. I did BS Information Technology from Virtual University of Pakistan, And I've experience in most advance web tasks like, Data Extraction/Mining/Crawling, BOTS for Web Automation/Scraping using python and its libraries/frameworks. I also code python scripts to help clients with their projects.

Till now i have learned and worked on most of the programming languages who are exists in market nowadays but my most favorites are Python, JavaScript and React(Web Framework).

I can be your assistant for long term Python Projects to work on Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Projects.


Listed below services i provide to work on

Web Automation

I'll automate your daily routine web tasks to save your time and efforts.

Web Crawling

I'll do Web Crawling for your large data from the web.


I'll build BOTS to automate and easy your web tasks with Intelligence itself, It will have take decisions of actions by itself.

Auto Form Filling

I'll build Python program for you to fill form automatically by take information from your given data put on the form and submit it automatically.

Machine Learning

I'll do Machine Learning related tasks according your needs.

Python Scripts

I'll write Python scripts to help in your Python Projects.








These are some of my past works, not all of them.

This bot is design to book golf course in a limited time before booked all the time slots.

BOT / 16 Dec. 2020

It is designed for a client who wants to get locations wise data from google search into a CSV file format.

SCRAPER / 21 Jan. 2021

Yes Bot is designed for an LMS website to upload large question and quizes CSV files automatically.

BOT / 06 Feb. 2021

Auto checkout bot is made for paniniamerica to buy product when its available.

BOT / 8 Feb. 2021

Bot is design to pull data from Florida's real estate websites and update on Google Sheets daily.

BOT / 28 Feb. 2021

This bot is made to update data from source website to WordPress website's posts. These are two bots who are updating canada and maxican data to website at one time. and it keeps updating.

BOT / 07 March. 2021

This discord bot is made to scrape data from a discord bot to a csv file format.

SCRAPER/BOT / 15 March. 2021